Commonly asked questions about the BSides Islamabad event.

  • What is Security BSides?

    Security BSides is a non-profit global security event started by a group of hackers, security researchers, and passionate cybersecurity experts who are keen to share their knowledge and ideas. BSides is now taking place everywhere from Athens to Sao Paulo, intending to create opportunities in the global atmosphere to encourage collaboration by providing a platform for open discussion, interaction, and demos to the participants.

    To know more about BSides, please visit: http://www.securitybsides.com

  • How to participate?

    If you think you have an interesting topic or idea, then come forward and be a part of BSides Islamabad.

    - Give a talk CFP
    - Show a cool demo CFP
    - Engage with speakers, ask interesting questions (Register & show up! that's easy!)
    - Meet new friends and share the knowledge (this is the best part of BSides)

  • How to reach us?

    In case of any queries or suggestions email us at [email protected] or track us on twitter @bsidesislamabad

  • What is the medium of communication?

    The official language of the event is English. All the sessions will be held in English.

  • How to become a sponsor?

    To conduct an exhibit or sponsor our event, please reach us at [email protected]

  • What to expect at BSides Islamabad 2021 Virtual edition?

    A BSides Islamabad 2021 event is a mix of both cyber security talks, workshops and trainings. Our selected speakers will present live and we will be live-streaming the entire day to all of our participants. We will also have hands-on workshops, Capture The Flag (CTF) for both offensive and blu teams. We will also have live Q&A with our speakers, as well as an opportunity to socialize with all participants.

    Join us for a full day of the best security research content, community talks, live demos and all of the fun and excitement you have come to expect from BSides Islamabad 2021!

    Join in for the live talks, and learning.