BSides Islamabad would not be possible without our impressive volunteers.

We are thankful to all of these fantastic people for offering up their time and efforts to make this event successful and helping run the following set of areas through their proficiency.​

  • Capture The Flag (CTF) 
  • Website & Social Media ConHeadertent Writing
  • Graphics Design
  • Social Media Outreach

Syed Umar Arfeen

Sr. Security Engineer @ Ebryx / OSCP & OSWE / Bug Hunter @ Synack / Writer of SUID3NUM / Creator of “UA: Literally Vulnerable” / [email protected]

An enthusiastic programmer and pentester who loves to explore, automate, break, learn, and hack all things!


Moiz Khan

Having worked on both the Red and Blue side of the coin with hands-on experience on cloud, web, network, IoT, desktop, and mobile applications security, Moiz brings a unique blend of skills, techniques, and methodology required for a security engineer.

He is working as a Lead Security Engineer at Ebryx Pvt Ltd, with interest in AppSec & DevSecOps.


Farza Ashraf

Farza Ashraf is an emerging writer and Telecommunication Engineer. She values innovation and advancement. Her writing zealousness is aimed at engaging readers’ attention with thought-provoking content.

She loves to write stuff related to technology and sometimes on social issues as well to share knowledge and information.


Muhammad Danish

Infosec Student | Security Enthusiast | Pentester | Red Team

Love to create malware, find fun in bypassing AV/EDRs. Not only exploit web/mobile/desktop apps or network infra but also the human element through manipulation and deceit/social engineering.


Ibrahim Ali Khan

Ibrahim is a security enthusiast mainly working on the cloud security side.

He is currently working as a Sr. Security Engineer at Ebryx Pvt Ltd.

Ahmad Muneeb Khan

Lead DFIR Team at Ebryx Pvt Ltd with expertise in digital forensics and adversary tradecraft. With a background of hunting down cyber-criminals, digging into suspected intrusions, and conducting cyber threat intelligence operations.

For the past couple of years, he has been a part of several cyber-ops with Pakistan’s financial and private sector organizations.

Arslan Amir

Security Engineer at Ebryx | Cyber Security Enthusiast | Developer

A passionate programmer with a strong logical mind and an enthusiast pentester who loves finding security loopholes and have fun in solving new complex challenges that help to enhance the skills


A simple joe with a passion for security. Loves to learn things deeply and getting into the nitty gritty of things. Prefers 1’s and 0’s rather than strings.
Worked in multiple field like Embedded systems, Telecom, IT Administration.
Currently working as a Security Engineer in Ebryx Pvt Ltd. “

Umer Qadri

Ethical Hacker and Information Security researcher with over 3+ years of expertise in Networks and Web Pentesting, Apart from professional experience, Extremely passionate about learning, improving and developing a safer and more user-conscious security environment.

Muhammad Zeeshan

An Electrical Engineer who thinks like a programmer, loves to learn new infosec things and tries to visualize the backend, and acts upon it accordingly



Abdul Wahab Khan

Security Engineer at Ebryx | Bug hunter at Synack/Bugcrowd

A pentester who loves to break into the Web, Mobile, and Network Security, listed in 250+ tech giants like Google, Paypal, Microsoft and twitter etc. Currently, utilizing my potential as a Security Engineer at Ebryx Pvt, Ltd. Believe in no system is secure. Coachable, Self-learner, and a good listener.