We conceptualized addressing cybersecurity knowledge into Pakistan with the initiative to share awareness upon research ideas, bring hands-on workshops and training closer to the community, and mature the cybersecurity space’s thinking process. Our goal is to educate and encourage our students, researchers, professionals to learn and acquire cybersecurity skills.

Muhammad Ali Paracha

Ali is a seasoned security professional with more than a decade of practice in building high performing global cybersecurity teams across the Telecommunication, Banking, and Transporation sector to detect and respond to the cyber threats in the Corporate, Cloud, and Operational Technology (OT) Systems.

He has worked on a wide range of roles – including security incident detection, threat response, malware analysis, malware reversing, cyber threat intelligence, network administration, and systems engineering.

He has built from scratch and now leading a Global Threat Detection/Response and Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) function for the Australian ASX 20 organization across Australia, North America, and Canada.

He believes in continuous learning and loves to work with the most talented people on the planet.

Mustafa Qasim

Mustafa started in IT industry 15 years ago and been working in DFIR space since 2013. He worked as Network Engineer and Unix Sysadmin before pivoting into Incident Response and Digital Forensics.

He has built a Managed Security Services division from the ground up, orchestrating professional services including Security Operations Center, Incident Response, Penetration Testing, and Incident Readiness.

He is passionate about teaching and loves to make analogies that help explain technical concepts in plain English. 

Currently, Mustafa is working with NTT Ltd where he engages in hunting intrusions and an array of DFIR activities.

Ibad Shah

Professional Red Teamer in daylight and Security Researcher at night.

Ahmad Talat

An information security evangelist with multiple years of working in software development, Security+ certified, always keen on learning new technology and building a community and support system for a young and vibrant information security community.