BSides Islamabad 2020 is excited to bring hands-on workshops to help you upskill in malware analysis, reverse engineering and hardware hacking.

We are thankful to all of our fantastic trainers for offering up their time and efforts to deliver these trainings and workshops over the weekend.​

Workshop 1

Malware Reverse Engineering

Trainers: Muhammad Irshad & Muhammad Umair

Workshop Date: Sunday, 8th Nov 2020 , Duration: 7 hours

  • Basics of malware analysis
  • Disassembler navigation/overview
  • Code construct identification in assembly
  • Debugger overview
  • Unpacking
  • String decryption/deobfuscation
  • Shellcode analysis
  • Malware traffic interception/decryption
  • Binary emulation
  • Binary patching
  • Detection engineering (yara/snort/clam)


Workshop 2

Hardware Hacking

Trainer: Jilles Groenendijk

Workshop Date: Sunday, 8th Nov 2020, Duration: 3.5 hours

In hardware hacking workshop for the absolute beginner, Jilles will tell you about the challenges in hardware security and teach you how to identify the different components of a device. The different ways you can attack hardware and will he will even show you protocols on ‘0’ and ‘1’ level.
All in his humorous style and no no-nonsense attitude.

Spending £ 20 will get you very far according to Jilles and most participants will run to the thrift shop to get their hands dirty!

At the end of the workshop, is a small CTF where you can experience what you have just learned.