BSides Islamabad 2021 is excited to bring hands-on workshops to help you upskill in malware analysis, reverse engineering and hardware hacking.

We are thankful to all of our fantastic trainers for offering up their time and efforts to deliver these trainings and workshops over the weekend.​

Workshop 1

Title: Demystifying Cyber Threat Intelligence (Hands-on)

Workshop Date: Sunday, 5th December 2021

Time: 9:00AM – 12:30PM Pakistan Standard Time

Duration: 3.5 hours

Ahmad Muneeb, Ebryx Ahmad has lead the forensic investigation of multiple nation-sponsored APT attacks on Pakistan’s financial institutes and telecommunication sector in recent years. In his current role as leading an awesome DFIR and CTI team at Ebryx, he has engaged in 20+ compromise assessments, 10+ major Digital Forensics and Incident Response engagements and more than 10+ cyber threat intelligence cases. His primary research focus is on advanced persistent threats, nation-sponsored attacks and insider threats.

Mustafa Qasim, NTT Ltd Mustafa is Lead Security Engineer in Global DFIR team at NTT Ltd, where he engages in hunting, forensicating, and thwarting intrusions on a global network spanning across 70+ countries. In previous role he has built an entire Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) division from ground up, orchestrating professional services including Security Operations Center, Incident Response, Penetration Testing, and Incident Readiness.

He is passionate about teaching and loves to make analogies that help explain sophisticated technical concepts in plain Urdu/English.

Workshop Description: CTI is one of the buzzwords everyone is using (read abusing) but it’s almost always preached in a crooked way to sell commercial CTI services and products. In this workshop we intend to equip participants with a complete and unbiased understanding of Cyber Threat Intelligence.

Participants will get a hands-on taste of CTI realm beyond consuming threat feeds. We will discuss how intrusions are clustered, activity groups are created and what it takes to produce threat intelligence out of forensics and incident response intrusion timelines.

Workshop 2

Title: OSINTing the Unknown

Workshop Date: Sunday, 5th December 2021

Time: 1PM – 2PM Pakistan Standard Time

Duration: 1 hour

Trainer: Khaula Karim

Khaula Karim, is the Co-Founder of SheSec Pakistan and one of the founding members of WiCyS Pakistan Affiliate. Having an engineering background, she’s been working as AppSec analyst in financial institutions. With her firm believe in empowering, she has been working on several projects to bridge the skill gap in field of Cybersecurity

Workshop Description: This is a beginner level workshop which will address OSINT framework, it will discuss how to find, collect and analyse the data. A walkthrough of important search tools will be conducted with activities for each.

Workshop 3

Title: Writing Detection Rules Effectively

Workshop Date: Sunday, 5th Dec 2021

Time: 2:30PM – 4:30 PM Pakistan Standard Time

Duration: 2 hours

Trainer: Syed Hasan, Ebryx

Syed Hasan is a security analyst and researcher with focus on threat groups targeting Pakistan. Currently, he is working as a DFIR consultant at Ebryx where he responds to incidents and analyzes malware on the daily.

Workshop Description: Want to learn how to write effective detection rules?

This workshop is focused on Yara and Sigma – two of the handiest tools available to blue-teamers for malware and anomaly detection. This hands-on workshop will go through the language format, examples, and exercises for you to upskill yourself!